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Capitalism and Democracy by sconzey
September 4, 2009, 4:24 pm
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In an ideal democracy, every individual has a direct and unrestrained voice in all decisions made that affect them. Ideally the policies affected by their vote also affect as few others as possible, so their votes are not diluted. The Scottish parliament for instance is a good thing democratically as it grants Scottish people a voice in issues that affect only Scotland, and devolves the scope of many policy areas, so the interests of the Scots are not diluted by the interests of the English, the Irish, the Cornish or the Welsh.

By that same token you could argue it best to devolve further. So that people’s voices on transport, health and education were only diluted by those in their county. Wiltshire could have a low income tax rate, but a completely privatised school system, whilst in Gloucstershire, private schools are illegal. Both counties have the school system their constituents want, and neither affects the other.

However, there are still people in each country having the decisions of the majority forced upon them. The only democratic thing to do is to devolve further, to the level of the individual. Each individual’s voice is alone, undiluted. They get only the services they ask for, the government they want, without affecting anyone else.

Oh wait, there’s a word for when each person selects the product they want from a number of competing alternatives.

The Free Market.

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Wow. Wish I’d noticed the libertarian society when I was studying at Soton. Too busy getting drunk and chasing girls in Jesters.

Comment by Kevin Monk

We’ve only just started up. Not even affiliated yet.

Comment by sotonlibertarians

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