Southampton University Libertarian Society

We’re Affiliated! by sotonlibertarians
May 23, 2010, 12:20 am
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The Southampton University Freedom Society is now a fully affiliated member of the Southampton University Student’s Union.

We’ll be holding our AGM this Thursday. Check Facebook for details. I’ll probably be building our website in the Uni webspace over the summer. It will have a new blog. Hopefully with more than one contributor 😉 Some of these posts may or may not get migrated.


Society Update by sotonlibertarians
February 8, 2010, 4:40 pm
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On Thursday there was a joint meeting of the Southampton University Libertarian Society and the Hampshire branch of LPUK; the overlap of which turned out to be considerable. There was much drinking, and some delicious cheese and bacon burgers, and lots of arguing about education policy, foreign policy and monetary policy.

Strategies were discussed for promoting Liberalism in Hampshire and at Southampton University. It was estimated that 25 signatories could be found — enough to start the society with SUSU affiliation. Some ideas for events were discussed, including “How to Have Fun and Not Die,” a smoking-marquee, and lectures on the Philosophy of Liberty; the LGBT Society, the Conservative Society and the Feminist Society were suggested as potential co-hosts for events.

Jonathan has forwarded the draft constitution to the Societies Officer at SUSU, and we’re down to attend the SDC meeting on the 19th for entry into the three-meetings rule.

Any comments/criticisms/suggestions on the Constitution to go to sconzey at gmail dot com